Nothing is Ever Over

by Caffeine

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released January 19, 2017

Caffeine is:
Mike Walsh
Joe Hoban
Wyatt Oberholzer
Bren King

Thank you to Jess Sands for additional vocals on "Deaf"

Recorded and mastered by Wyatt Oberholzer & Eric Muth at The Knife Lair
Mixed by Wyatt Oberholzer



all rights reserved


Caffeine Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Deaf
where are the brains of the modern age?
slowly recessing back to a primal era?

the shear concept that cannot be grasped
constant reiteration sadly needs to be readdressed
again again and again
there is only one thing you need to hear and it’s fucking no
Track Name: Yesterday's Fire, Tomorrow's Ashes
swept up into the gusting winds
of crying voices and unbelievable sins and their tired hands
blind rage with cloud filled eyes
resembles the only direction to continue with a guiding light

to the beat of a stampede, galloping down windpipes swallowing sympathy.

the swirling thoughts of yesterday
traditional mindsets
stuck in perpetual motion, reluctant and reserved
and you question their prospective.

the swirling thoughts of yesterday
traditional mindsets
stuck in perpetual motion, reluctant and reserved
and you question their perspective

you question their judgement
you question their rationale
always passing judgement
before a breath was born.
Track Name: Acquire Complex
materialistic goal for a materialistic soul. draining eyes with no substance
following the smooth grain never bothering to feel the coarse nature around.
Spin and lie and cry
While our world around us slowly dies

bleeding of hearts cant spill enough to suture a life of worthless stuff

we sit and wonder why and try to justify
the terrors of our lives, while hiding out inside

but what we truly lack as we fill the world with plaque
a sense of sympathy, instead of apathy

while we're filled with blight, let's fill our appetite
a course of joy and tact, neglecting to react

we’re toast to ourselves who we all adore

emptying leather to fulfill a convex curve
burying our heads from an altruistic nerve
entering a market conspiring against
securing a life of constant debt

we fail, we fall, we fail, we fall, we fail, we fall,
we fell
Track Name: Human Fog
foreign liquids speeding through narrow, tightening passages
to find a glimpse of a childhood memory, something worth remembering

cold concrete and head pressed against the glass
in a foreign town for neither that are home.

how many years has it been
since there were feet on the fucking ground
and a spark of anything that symbolizes a human?

how many years has there been
a tightening of breath and a collapsed chest
paired with an offering hand paired with a door slam

the stippled realizations that one s capsized and the only escape is to drown

nails scratching at the crumbs of glass and stone
the coarse nature settling in

nails scratching at the crumbs of glass and stone
the coarse nature settling in

so far removed is there even a chance, to resemble the former
Track Name: Misery Territory
“I, swear, if they were there, they'd probably care”
it's hard to stand to see the lack of integrity
they laugh when you cry
erasing the minds of the reasons why
the poisons seeping into the cracks
american greed and decency cannot overlap

human neglect that has become so routine
the silent acceptance of the obscene
unfit to contrive
crushing the culture, unfit to survive
as the dollars slowly accrue
when the profit margin wont follow through
but then what can we do
to see then our last breath.

nature is the ferocious beast, impartial to sin.
hypocrisy is the demon we’re forced to live in.

stripped from the ground and devastated
Track Name: Oxidized Agents
even swallowing bleach won't cleanse the palate behind the eyes.
sour discussion and the calcified exercise
conversation, the facade of rhetoric
surrounded by a crowd of skeptics

pierce the ear in rapid succession
a glimpse of thought the twist of feeling
subtle lips are often masked
in a forest of septic tongues

a simple exchange has never been so difficult.
Track Name: Shapeshift
chewing on the empty brain, so divine
using a toothpick to cover the signs of a crime
oh how tame, you simple fellows
blaming other of having a mindset so narrow
feeding on their absence, of insight
mixing inexperience with the lemmings appetite
spilling the holy water of pathogens
creating civil servants blossoming into has-beens.

the conversion is often discreet
masking existence in a cloud of deceit
what constitutes a terrorist
when the mirror is the one in charge of this.