by Caffeine

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released February 18, 2016

Caffeine is:
Joe Hoban
Wyatt Oberholzer
Michael Walsh
Bren King

Recorded live to tape in December 2015

Photography by Adrian Lozer
Design by Wyatt Oberholzer and Bren King

Engineered by Wyatt Oberholzer and Eric Muth
Mixed by Wyatt Oberholzer
Mastered by Eric Muth

Thanks to Joe Evers for lending some equipment and an extra set of ears and hands during the recording process.



all rights reserved


Caffeine Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Fear, To You
Instilling fear into the minds of the everyday person
for shear personal goals and mass hysteria

the lack of facts in your words show the cracks in your foundation
it's crumbling and withering away
leaving your ideal exposed and frayed.

scared of the rivals you helped to created
planting the brain with radical thought
forcing your mind to react with hate
this is the world your rhetoric bought
Track Name: A Well-Oiled Machine
Restriction and ankle high spew
no freedom, no care, confined to misery
there once was life but replaced with
a tiresome, endless, game of waiting

produce to the point of perfection

every rationalization coupled with a justification
is the excuse of a nation with no aspiration
for a better existence with regards to another
and inward infatuation with no signs to recover.

death to the point of perfection
Track Name: Slurred Passage
Orange filled bugs scatter at the strike of noon
straining every tie, losing every grasp, filling the roads with question
in the dilapidated structure of a carpeted room

Orange filled bugs seep at the strike of noon
strained every tie, lost every grasp, filled the roads with question
in the dilapidated structure of a concrete filled room

Question your name, question your thought

dead words and broken thoughts
left to stir and later rot

the identity you once possessed
is a mere image of a previous life
every opportunity that you missed
for the selfishness of ideal bliss

narrowed vision paired with a incapable decision
comes with a sour compensation followed by a self idealization
a loss of control with no conceivable goal
by a life of fixation at the cost of stagnation.

and now you are lost
Track Name: Keeping Everyone Quiet
Minerals slicing through the air
with little to no hesitation
endangering lives of passers by
minerals slicing through the air
with minimal to no restriction
raining down on the lives around
fizzling flames into ghostly vapor

powder and smoke cloud the judgement
of a mind fixated on old traditions
355 in a year alone
coupled with the lives of twelve thousand
a statistic worth cringing over
concrete ideals, avoiding progress
forcing meaning, where it doesn't exist
nothing is there and it never will fucking be

Nothing is there, never will be
the need for protection while you sleep in your sheets
Nothing is there, never will be
the right to take a life and avoid being guilty
Nothing is there, never will be
a split second reaction, forcing hostility
Nothing is there, never will be
the crass justification casting guilt on the lives of the deceased
Track Name: Fear, To Me
The anxiety that has grown
is the fault of yours alone
it's difficult to turn around
the force fed mind of a small town

the foundation is broken away
radical beliefs and disarray
the roots and spreading down
and firmly locked into the ground

dreary minds, corrupting mind, a crooked hand grasping
at the only possibility to pull down
to pull down
to pull down the lives around

into the soot, the grain, the grit and the dirt
suffocating the last breath of humanity
Voiceless, alone, buried into the ground.

an inward struggle resulting in external strife
The restriction of a citizen's rights
clash with class, control their might
Forcing the world to live your life.
Track Name: Ford
How high can you climb?
before your human rungs become undone?
forgetting every life, left behind, before a selfless thought ever begun
cast out and written off, guilty before proven innocent
turning a blind eye, at the cost, of a mans thirty year punishment

How blind can you be? how much evidence do you fucking need?
before you close your mind and nail it shut
a glimpse of hope before it's cut

How can we be so naive?